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Authorize.Net is one of the largest and most trusted online processing companies for credit card transactions. They support the most trusted and secure online checkout methods in the world with Advanced Fraud Detection Suite™ (AFDS) Address Verification Service (AVS) Card Code Verification (CVV2) Support for Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode™

So, of course, we use Authorize.Net for all of our online credit card transactions. The best part, we utilize a 'hand-off' PCI transaction. That way, your card information isn't entered on and never stored on our servers at all. It's a great layer of protection that we believe is worh the extra work. 

You can learn more about Authorize.Net by visiting their website.

GoDaddy SSL

Well, they are the largest and most reliable SSL provider. We don't use SSL on the checkout, we use SSL on every page. It does add a little more time for pages to load, but that way, your information is always safe. It also means, even your browsing the website is safe - every page and all content is encrypted with the highest standard of security - always. 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. Domain control verified.


McAfee Internet SecurityOne of the most trusted and recognized names in internet security. Constantly scanning website to make sure there's no malicious code or malware. McAfee Safe assures your online information is secure and protected at the user and server level.

See the icon on the bottom left corner? Go ahead, click it.

Google Trusted Store and Reviews

Google Trusted StoreWe've worked hand in hand with Google since we start. Google Checkout, Google Wallet, Google Trusted Stores, and Google Reviews. One of the weird issues we have with Google is we don't usually have enough traffic to make the "minimum required transactions" that Google requires. And about the time we do, Google changes their program and we start over from scratch. 

But it's really woth it in the long run. Coming soon, Google is going to open a shopping platform, kind of like Amazon Resellers, where you'll be able to checkout from any Google home service hardware and devices. We're really excited to see how this is going to shape the future of online sales and ordering. 

Look around, we're small, but we're good at what we do and we make sure you're getting the right suit, at the right price. There's a reason we have customers come back year after year. 


TrustPilot HBCSurfTrustPilot is new for us. We just joined a few weeks ago. But what's nice, you can already go and see reviews at TrustPilot. We like them because it's free. Places where you have to pay to get reviews doesn't work for us - we're too small to afford that and if we payed for every service everyone offers us, our prices would have to be a LOT higher. So, keeping costs down so we can pass the saving onto you is in your best interests as well. After you order from our site, you might get and email from TrusPilot in the following weeks. If you leave a review, we really appreciate it. 

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