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1. Add the new item, with the correct size/color/etc to your cart

2. Add this 'RMA Exchange' item.

3. Put the return order number in the RMA - Order Number box.

When you get your new item, there will be a USPS Pre-Piad label. If it is attached to a package, use that new package for your return. Otherise, use the packing that came with the original order

Return labels cost will vary from  from $7-$24, depending on where you're located and the size of the item.

Return Labels generally cost $7.65 for Rainbows.

Return lables for wetsuits cost $22-35+ depending on location.

Oversized items shipping can be much more expensive.

Surfboards and other oversized items are not eligible for RMA Exchange. 

Can I RMA Exchange?

  • Item must be in new condition with all tags.
  • Item must show no signs of wear - heel and toe print in Rainboaw sandals are considered used and unreturnable.
  • Items that have been laundered, stained or otherwise blemished are no long in new condition. 
  • Items received longer than 30 days are no longer returnable.
  • Items missing tags are not returnable.
Sunglasses, custom orders and other items are non-returnable regardless of condition. 


Wetsuit Returns

Special care is needed when returning wetsuits. Wetsuits must be returned in the box in which they arrived or a box with minimum dimensions of 18 X 16 X 4 and folded properly. Wetsuits worn in the water are not eligible for return.

We now have 2 boxes for wetsuits. One for smoothskin wetsuits and one for wetsuits without smothskins (the longer, thinner box 20x16x2.5). This box requires a different fold. 

On the bottom of the wetsuit box will be a measurement, please fold the suit according to the size of the box

By returning a wetsuit, you agree to the following conditions.

  • The wetsuit is in new condition.
  • The wetsuit has not been worn in the water.
  • You agree that you have watched the how to fold a wetsuit video.
  • The wetsuit will be returned in the original box or a box with minimum dimensions of 18 x 16 x 4
  • All tags and packaging must be included in the return. 
  • If you received a hanger - DO NOT include it in the return. 
All tags must be included in the return. If they're not attached to the item, that is ok - do not reattach tags under any circumstance.
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