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Rainbow Womens Catalina Sandals

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Rainbow Women's 301 Catalina Sandals CATALINA

The Catalina – Premier Leather Sandal with TAPERED Leather Strap.

The Catalina has a similar construction as the 301ALTS Premier Leather sandal but with 2 key features, the strap tapers wide to narrow towards the toe piece. The shape of the sole is modified to give it a more fashionable look. The sandal is made with top grain nubuck leather top sole and embossed with the Rainbow logo. The strap is double stitched and also made with nubuck leather. The nylon toe piece is secured with a Rainbow Box X Stitched pattern made with bonded nylon thread.

Tapered Leather Strap
Premier Leather
Single Layer Arch Support
Contoured Footbed
Box X Toe Construction
Double Stitched
Bonded Nylon Thread
Embossed Rainbow Logo
Original Rainbow Woven Label

The Catalina is offered in Premier leather, the top sole as well as the tapered leather straps are made with the highest quality of materials and hand craftsmanship.

The structure is our single layer midsole with an arch support, the box X toe construction is nylon, and is sewn using our double stitched pattern with bonded nylon thread. We use the best quality so the thread won’t fray or pull out.

The strap is tapered getting narrower towards the toe, making it both sturdy and cute. The right sandal proudly displays our Original Rainbow woven label. The top sole is embossed with the Rainbow logo and all of the layers are triple glued for maximum durability.

Rainbow Women's 301 Catalina Sandals CATALINA

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FeaturesSingle Layer, Womens

Rainbow (Lifetime) Guarantee

The Rainbow® Guarantee is for the lifetime of the sole.  The sandals will forever be under warranty until you have worn through anywhere on the top or bottom layer of the sole.

RAINBOW® SANDALS will repair your sandals if they are damaged or defective due to manufacturing defects only.

For Example:

Strap Pulling Out From Toe Straps

If toe strap comes unglued and pulls cleanly from between the layers of the sandal.

Note: Pulled Straps will have straight edges. Torn Straps will have frayed edges

Strap Pulling Out From Side Strap

If side straps come unglued and pull cleanly from between the layers of the sandals.

Note: pulled straps will have straight edges. Torn straps will have frayed edges.

Delamination of layers

The top or bottom sole coming unglued and separating from the middle layer of colored foam.

IMPORTANT: No damaged sandals are to be replaced by the store. All Sandals needing replacement due to manufacturing defects must be mailed to the factory. Repaired or replaced sandals will be returned paid within 15 days of receipt.

Using any kind of leather conditioner or oil based substance WILL cause unrepairable damage to this product, if we receive sandals with delamination due to any type of substances used on the materials we will not replace the sandals. ANY USE OF LEATHER CONDITIONER, OILS, LOTIONS OR ANY OTHER MOISTURIZER THAT RESULTS IN A DELAMINATION IS NOT CONSIDERED A MANUFACTURERS DEFECT AND WILL IS NOT COVERED UNDER OUR WARRANTY.

Non Guarantee Policy

RAINBOW® SANDALS will NOT Repair or Replace your sandals if they become defective as a result of any circumstances not involved in the manufacturing.

For Example:

Bottom or Top Sole Wearing Through to Soft Colored Insert

Wearing the sandals from the top or bottom sole into the soft colored insert between the top and bottom soles.

Note: This will automatically void the warranty.

Excessive Abuse

Chewed Strap from Dog, Gouged or Ripped materials, Skateboard Abuse, Cuts, Slashes, Burns, etc.

Torn Toe Straps

If the side/toe straps tear out from the surface of the sandal or if the strap itself is cut or torn.

Torn/Cut Side Straps

If the side/toe straps tear out from the surface of the sandal or if the strap itself is cut or torn.

Cracked Rubber and/or Materials Water Damage

Any damage as a result of the sandal coming in contact with moisture, i.e. bowed, shrunk, faded, wrinkled materials.

If you have taken a look at the policy above and feel that your sandals are covered, send them BOTH in to:

900 Calle Negocio
San Clemente, CA 92673
If your sandals are covered under our warranty please write your full name, address, and telephone number on a piece of paper. Include a brief description about the problem you are having with your sandals and send them in to the address above. Once your sandals are evaluated Rainbow Sandals will repair or replace them and return them to you. If the sandals are not covered under our warranty we will mail you a letter stating the reasons why, if you would like to have your sandals returned to you Rainbow Sandals requires 7.00 for return shipping. If you do not want your sandals returned we will donate wearable sandals to one of our many charities.

Be sure that you include your name, address, phone number, a description of the problem, and the size and style of sandals that you are sending in to us for evaluation.

Rainbow Sandals is unable to make any repair to sandals that are not covered by the guarantee. No single sandals are sold.

NOTE: If it is necessary to return a pair of non-guaranteed sandals which have been received at the factory, the customer will be required to pay for the return postage, which in most cases will be $7.00.

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Measure your foot and figure out the length of sandal you want - each size has an exact length of the sandal and is the best way to get a good fit!

When in doubt, go UP a size. I know there are reviews saying go down, but 90+% off all exchanges are for a bigger size. So, if you're on the fence, go the next size up. And actually measuring your foot will go a long way. Each size has how long the sandal size is in inches and so far, I haven't seen a single sandal that was off by more than 1/16th of and inch - that's just a little thicker than a penny! SO if you want your feet to be right on the edge, get the size that's just a little longer than your foot. Want more flip? Then go even more. Size and fit on sandals are highly subjective. I like a little more sandal and should wear a Medium, but I like the Large better - I have long toes. And remember, they're leather, so they're going to change over time. Order once and enjoy a pair of sandals that you'll love for years to come - Phil

Since all Rainbow sandals are handmade and sanded, there may be a slight variance in the length and colors from sandal to sandal. The the size is intended to provide a reference to help you find the right size for your feet, but since each individuals foot varies, we are unable to guarantee a perfect fit for everyone. Once broken in, the sandals should mold to your feet. Depending on how much "flip" you like in your "flop," please allow for that difference in length when making your size selection.

Rainbow Sizing Chart

Women's Sizes

Rainbow SizeStandard SizeLength
11 (10.5-11.5) 11.25"
10 (9.5-10.5) 11"
X Large (8.5-9.5) 10.75"
Large (7.5-8.5) 10.5"
Medium (6.5-7.5) 10"
Small (5.5-6.5) 9.5"


Men's Sizes

Rainbow SizeStandard SizeLength
XXX Large (13.5-15) 13.5"
XX Large (12-13.5) 12.5"
X Large (11-12) 12"
Large (9.5-10.5) 11.5"
Medium (8.5-9.5) 10.75"
Small (7.5-8.5) 10.5"


Women's Sizes For Styles:

Gala, Bella, Low Cloud

Rainbow SizeStandard SizeLength
11   11"
10   10.75"
9   10.25"
8   10"
7   9.75"
6   9.5"


Men's Sizes For Styles:

East Cape, South Cove, North Cove

Rainbow SizeStandard SizeLength
14   12.5"
13   12.25"
12   12"
11   11.75"
10   11.25"
9    11"
8   10.75"
7   10.5"


Children Sizes

Rainbow SizeStandard SizeLength
3-4   5.5"
5-6   6"
7-8   6.75"
9-10   7.25"
11-12   8"
13-1   8.5"
2-3   9"
4-5   9.5"


Kid Capes Sizes

Rainbow SizeStandard SizeLength
3-4   5.5"
5-6   6"
7-8   6.75"
9-10   7.25"
11-12   8"
13-1   8.25"
2-3   9"
4-5   9.25"

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