O'Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5 Wetsuit #5135S ¹⁹/₂₀

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O'Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5 Wetsuit #5135S

Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5MM 5135S


All new for 2019/20 - O’Neill’s New Mutant Legend - unique Modular Closure system with new dual cinch on the neck and hood closures seals out water. This makes the Mutant the most versatile wetsuit in our line. The new Mutant Legend is constructed of TechnoButter 3 in the low body, TechnoButter 3X in the arms and shoulders, and TechnoButter Firewall in the chest and back.

All Mutant wetsuits come with both the neck and hood attachments.

Water Temp: 47 - 60
Air Temp and Wind: 
30 - 75
Excellent stretch, flex and water rating. Good Wind and Air. Good durability. Best suited for frigid to cold water and cold to moderate air temps down to the low 40's with light to moderate wind. The O'Neill Mutant is now made with the top of the line and latest neoprene making it the lightest, warmest, and most flexible Mutant wetsuit ever made.

HBC Quick Review: 19/20 O'Neill Mutant 4/3 Model 5135S

Why is the O'Neill Mutant easier to paddle, because zippers don't stretch. When you eliminate that back zipper, you get a whole new direction of stretch in a wetsuit and it's amazing how much easier it is to paddle in a chest zip than a back zip. Another thing that the O'Neill Mutant all but eliminates is the duck-dive flush. Without the zipper flap, you don't have a gap in the neck for water to enter and that means you stay drier and warmer. The one drawback to the O'Neill Mutant wetsuit is getting in and out of the suit. I have a 42" chest and wear a MS wetsuit and getting in and out of the suit, especially the first few times, can be a challenge, but with all the added benefits, it's something I am willing to do. Overall, the O'Neill Mutant is an excellent wetsuit that's going to keep you warm while staying flexible.

There are MAJOR new changes to the 5135S model Mutant Legend. It's all TechnoButter construction, with 3X TechnoButter in the arms and Shoulders, and the TechnoButter Firewall in the Chest and Back. There's still a flap of neoprene over the zipper, on the front and the back, to help keep even more water out! The new Technobutter Firewall, which really makes a big difference over the DS firewall from the previous modesl. It's lighter, warmer, and a little more flexible.

Status: Pre Order

Colors other than Black are usually only available in M and L sizes. 

  • Single Seal Neck
  • Modular Closure system with new dual cinch on the neck and hood closures seals out water
  • Aqua Alpha Solvent Free Neoprene Lamination
  • TechnoButter Firewall
  • UltraFlex DS Neoprene
  • Plasma Wrist and Ankle Seals
  • Krypto Knee Padz
  • External Key Pocket with Loop
  • Contortionist Seamless Shoulder
  • LSD: Lumbar Seamless Design

O'Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5 Wetsuit #5135S

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FeaturesFullsuit, 4/3 MM, Chest Zip, Sealed Seams, Mens

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If the product is found to be defective under normal use and proper care, O’Neill Wetsuits will repair or replace, at O’Neill Wetsuits’ option. This decision to replace or repair is made by the O’Neill Wetsuit Warranty Department after receipt of the defective product. At no time does O’Neill Wetsuits offer refunds.

Defective product should be returned clean and dry, postage prepaid, with an O’Neill Wetsuits Warranty Repair Tag. The repair tag should include product description, product defects, requested action, return address (be sure to include postal code, especially for Canadian addresses), daytime phone number with area code, customer’s name and a copy of the purchase receipt to the address below. Suits without a copy of the purchase receipt will NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.

O’Neill Wetsuits Attn: Warranty Department
1022 Bay Marina Drive, Suite 140 B
National City, California 91950

Non warranty repairs returned by authorized O’Neill Wetsuits dealers will be billed to dealer’s account. Non warranty repairs returned by end users will be shipped and billed FED EX COD. FED EX COD is the only option of payment and shipment for end user non warranty repairs. All returns and repairs must have an O’Neill Wetsuits Warranty Repair Tag attached to the product.

O’Neill Wetsuits Warranty Repair Tags can be obtained from O’Neill Wetsuits by contacting O'Neill Customer Service.

NOT Covered Under Warranty 
Products classified as Seconds
Fading from sunlight
Materials over one year from date of original purchase or ninety days for accessories
Repairs or alterations done by anyone other than O’Neill Wetsuits or an O’Neill Wetsuits authorized repair facility
Warranty request without a copy of the purchase receipt.

Product Specific Warranties

All Flat-stitched Products, Glued and Blind-Stitched and Fluid Seam Weld products:

Limited one- year warranty (from date of original purchase) on workmanship and materials.

Neoprene Dry Suits, Waterproof Zipper Excluded

Limited one -year warranty (from date of original purchase) on workmanship and materials.

Fabric Dry Suit, Waterproof Zipper and Latex Seals Excluded

Limited one-year warranty (from date of original purchase) on workmanship and materials. A minimum of 30 business days is required for repairing Fabric Dry Suits and Tops.


Limited 90-day (from date of original purchase) warranty on materials and workmanship.

General Repair Information

O’Neill Wetsuits offers repairs to O’Neill Wetsuits’ wetsuits as described below. For repairs received from the end user. O’Neill Wetsuits offers:

Ten-business day turnaround for warranty stitched suits.

Ten-business day turnaround time for warranty glued suits.

Twenty-business day turnaround time for warranty fluid seam weld suits.

Thirty-business day turnaround time for all fabric dry suits and non-warranty repairs.

Repairs are to be returned clean and dry, postage paid with the O’Neill Wetsuits Warranty Repair Tag completely filled out. Please include a name and a daytime phone number with area code, in case there are questions, return address (be sure to include postal code, especially for Canadian addresses), product description, and requested action. Send the suit with the repair tag to:

O’Neill Wetsuits Attn: Repair Department
1022 Bay Marina Drive, Suite 140 B
National City, California 91950

UPS or FedEx is O’Neill Wetsuits’ suggested shipper.

Examples of suits that will be rejected for repair

Suits with or in the following conditions will be rejected for repair and returned to the customer (even if the customer is willing to pay for the repair).
Home repairs have been done, including but not limited to:
 - Re-gluing of seams using Aqua Seal, or like product
 - Patching of seams using duct tape, rubber patches and the like
 - Re-sewn seams with sewing machine or by hand using needle and thread
The suit is clearly worn such that it is reasonably determined that it should be retired. Symptoms of such condition include:
 - Cracked, dry neoprene
 - Product has been misused or improperly cared for
The suit is old. Any suit more than four years old is presumed to be “old” for this purpose.
Generally, any excessive repairs considering the condition and age of the suit.

Non-warranty repairs are billed to the dealer’s account. Individual customer’s (non dealers) non-warranty work is shipped and billed FED EX C.O.D or credit card.

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Already own an O'Neill wetsuit? Look on the inside of the left sleeve, that's where you'll usually see the size inside a circle with the model number. Good news, O'Neill sizing hasn't really changed at all, so you're in luck, unless you've grown too big or too small for your current suit, order the same size and it's going to fit like only O'Neill wetsuits fit. 

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O'Neill Size Chart


Men's Wetsuit Sizing

XS 5'7"-5'9" 125-140 34.5"-36.5" 28"-30"
S 5'8"-5'10" 135-155 36.5"-38.5" 29"-31"
ST 6'0"-6'2" 145-165 36.5"-38.5" 29"-31"
M 5'9"-5'11" 150-170 38.5"-40" 30.5"-32.5"
MS 5'6"-5'8" 140-160 38.5"-40" 30.5"-32.5"
MT 6'1"-6'3" 160-180 38.5"-40.5" 30.5"-32.5"
LS 5'7.5"-5'9.5" 160-180 40.5"-42.5" 32.5"-34.5"
L 5'10"-6'0" 170-190 40.5"-42.5" 32.5"-34.5"
LT 6'2"-6'4" 180-200 40.5"-42.5" 32.5"-34.5"
XLS 5'8.5"-5'10.5" 180-200 42.5"-44.5" 34.5"-36.5"
XL 5'11"-6'1" 190-210 42.5"-44.5" 34.5"-36.5"
XLT 6'3"-6'5" 200-220 42.5"-44.5" 34.5"-36.5"
XXL 6'0"-6'2" 210-230 44.5"-46.5" 36.5"-38.5"
XXXL 6'0"-6'2" 230-250 47"-49" 38.5"-43.5"


Women's Wetsuit Sizing

4 5'4 - 5'6 100-120 30.5 - 32.5 23-25
6 5'5-5'7 105-125 31.5 - 33.5 24-26
8 5'6-5'8 110-130 32.5 -34.5 25-27
8S 5'4.5 - 5'6.5 105-125 32.5 -34.5 25-27
8T 5'7.5 - 5'9.5 120-140 32.5 -34.5 25-27
10 5'7-5'-9 120-140 34-36 26.5 - 28.5
10S 5'5.5 - 5'7.5 115-135 34-36 26.5 - 28.5
10T 5'8.5 - 5'10.5 130-150 34-36 26.5 - 28.5
12 5'8-5'10 130-150 35.5 - 37.5 28-30
14 5'9-5'11 140-160 37-39 29.5 - 31.5
16 5'11-6'0 160-180 38.5 - 40.5 31-33


Youth Wetsuit Sizing

4 3'10.5 - 4'1.5 40 - 55 23 - 25 20-22
6 4'1.5 - 4'4.5 50 - 65 24.5 - 26.5 21.5 - 23.5
8 4'4.5 - 4'7.5 60-75 26 - 28 23 - 25
10 4'7 - 4'10 75 - 90 28 - 30 23 - 25
12 4'10 - 5'1 90 - 105 29 - 31 25 - 27
14 5'1 - 5'4 105 - 120 31 - 33 27 - 29
16 5'4 - 5'7 120 - 135 33 - 35 28 - 30
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