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Our hours are Mon - Fri 11am - 7pm ET. Closed for Federal Holidays.

Please read this page first, it will answer 99% of al questions.

To avoid delays, to contact by email, please use this email contact form only. Direct emails are usually sent to spam and rarely seen. 

Send a text 843-560-9009 - Yes, I can accept text messages and many times, this may be the fastest method to get an answer and help. I'll even respond after hours if I can - it's a great way to contact us. 

Call us at - 877-560-9009 - Our hours are Mon - Fri 11am - 7pm ET. Closed for Federal Holidays.

If you need to call, but leave a message and say your number 2 times! We don't have caller ID and I only have 1 phone line, so repeatedly calling only makes it take that much longer to get back to you. I return calls based on voicemails and then answer calls once those are all answered. 

Our online store hours are Mon - Fri from 11am - 7pm Eastern Time. We are closed for most Federal holidays. 


Rainbow Sandals Exchange

Need a different size? It's pretty easy. Add the size you need to a new order and then add the Rainbow Return package to your order. Select RMA Label and Padded + $6.95 for Rainbow Sandal exchanges to returns.

Inside the new order will be your new Rainbows and a new padded envelope with a prepaid label attached. Then, put the return pair into the new packaging and drop it in your mailbox, Blue USPS Box, or drop it off at your closest USPS Post Office. Do not include anything in the return other than the sandals and all labels. 

Your return sandals must be in new condition and include all tags. If the tags came off, do not reattach them, but do include them in the return.

When the original item comes back to us, we will issue a refund for the 1st original order minus the shipping costs (minimum $6.95). 

So PLEASE read the size chart well and measure your foot - that's the best way to get a good fit!

Can I Return or Exchange an item?

All returns must be in new unused condition. If you took off the tags, that's ok, but don't reattach the tags please but you must include all tags!

Sunglasses are always non-returnable.
If there are signs of wear the item is non-returnable.
Wetsuits worn in the water are non-returnable.
After 30 days from receipt, items are non returnable.

This list is not complete and there will always be exceptions in certain cases, but not for obvious use or wetsuits worn in the water. 

Items refused returns will be notified by email and phone (if a US number) you must pay return shipping. If there's no response within 30 days, your items will be donated to GoodWill. 

In Store Returns?

If you're local, bring your receipt and the item you need to exchange and swap it out! You can also do an instore return for online orders, actual shipping charges will still be deducted from your refund (minimum $6.95).

How to Exchange an Item

The easiest and fastest way to exchange an item is to order the new item (add it to the cart) and add this item to your new order enter the old order number, last name or some way we can identify your order, 

We allow exchanges up to 30 days from your original order without any extra fees. For Rainbow sandals, this time is extended to when the size you need is available. 

We will pack up your new item(s) and include a pre-paid peel and stick USPS or UPS return label. Actual shipping charges will be deducted from your original order refund (minimum $6.95).

You will be charged shipping fees for over-sized items such as surfboards, complete skateboards, and surfboard bags.

We only allow 1 'exchange' per order. You can't "exchange" a wetsuit for a pair of sandals or sunscreen. 

How to Return an Item

Don't want an exchange and just need a refund?

All returns must be in new condition
. If you took off the tags, that's ok, but don't reattach the tags please but you must include all tags!

Coming Soon - Per Paid Retun Labels - You can request a pre-paid UPS or USPS shipping label which will be emailed to you. You will then have to attach the label and drop off at the US Post Office or a UPS shipping location. Prices will vary for return labels, but they are generally less expensive than what you would pay on your own.

Sunglasses are always non-returnable.
If there are signs of wear the item is non-returnable.
Wetsuits worn in the water are non-returnable.
After 60 days from receipt, items are non returnable.

Clearance items are clearly marked with the red "CLEARANCE" label.

Restock-Return Fees

Within 14 Days -  The only return/restock fee we charge are the actual shipping costs (minimum $6.95). If you used free shipping, there will still be a shipping charge deducted from your return. Economy rates shipping charges are always less than the price we pay for shipping. Your refund will reflect a deduction for actual shipping charges.

Clearance items are subject to an additional 10% restock fee.

14-30 Days - There will/may be an additional 10% restock fee, in addition to the actual shipping charges.

31-59 Days - There will be an additional 25% restock fee, in addition to the actual shipping charges.

Use the original packaging whenever possible.

Send your returns to 

811 Coleman Blvd
Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

We advise you to use a trackable shipping method, with insurance for your returns. Due to abuse of the return system, we no longer offer pre-paid labels for returns. 

I was charged more than once / my order was declined!

This only happens where there's an error with the order, usually the billing address doesn't match what's on the card or the card was declined more than once. You'll notice the charges are still "Pending". Usually, just in a few days, you'll see the extra pending charges vanish or settle for $0.00

If your order was declined, it's probably because we're a small shop in South Carolina and the card company doesn't know how your got from El Pollo Loco in PB to Charleston, SC in an hour! It's a good thing really, but you will need to call the number on the back of your credit card to let them know it's a legit order. We're a small company and it happens more than you think. 

The other reason your card was declined is you're not inside the US or you're using an non-US issued card. In that case, please checkout via PayPal, they can process overseas transactions and cards, but again, we're a small company and we can't process foreign transactions or cards outside of the USA. 

Good news, we don't charge your card until your package ships, so there will only be one charge - I promise. You'll see all the other pending transactions fall off your card, usually within 2 business days. If you've ever had to call to dispute a charge, you know, there's nothing your card company can do about a pending charge and there's nothing we can do about it either. It's all in the hands of a 'clearing house' for transactions. I barely understand it myself, but the good news is, you can't be charges an over draft fee for pending transaction and you can't be charged interest either - nice!


Westuist Returns

Wetsuits that have been worn in the water are yours - no exceptions.

Do not crumple the wetsuit to return it. Wetsuits returned with creases or in poor condition because of improper packing will not be accepted for returns and returned to you at an additional charge. Wetsuits with smoothskin need extra care for packing. 

Reorder the new wetsuit and add this item to your cart as well and choose RMA Exchange $6.95. We will pack up your new item(s) and include a pre-paid UPS or USPS return label inside your new order. When the original item is returned we will issue a refund for the original order. The actual cost of shipping from the 1st original order may be deducted from the original order refund.

Never fold a wetsuit lengthwise!



HBCSurf Return Policy

30 Days to Return Items -  We know, you're going to have to return an item to us at some time and we try to make it as easy as possible for you.

Any returned item must be in new condition, resalable with all tags. The tags don't have to be attached and NEVER REATTACH TAGS, but all tags must be included in the return.

Exchanges Any exchanged item must be in new condition, resalable with all tags. 

Non returnable Items

Sunglasses, Surfboards and Clearance orders can not be returned. We tried, but from people wearing them and scratching the lens to sending back FAKE sunglasses, we no longer accept any returns for sunglasses. Sorry. Underwear can not be returned either, unless we sent the wrong size or something. All Clearance items are final sale only.

General Return Questions

Why a restock fee? We're a small shop and don't get the benefits the large companies get from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.. The card issuer takes a percentage from the original order, plus a fee and then another fee and percentage when a refund is issued. Then there's shipping cost, again, we don't get the amazing rates like the big companies can negotiate and shipping charges are never refunded to us and then there's the boxes and packaging material costs. It all adds up pretty quick and if we're going to keep our prices low, we have to deduct the fees and shipping we're charged from refunds. 

Our average wetsuit order is right at $200. For a return, to ship it to you, ship it back to us and then issue a refund costs on average of $26 shipping and package costs, $16.50+ in credit card fees, which can be higher if it's been too many days or certain credit companies. PayPal is even more.

We don't charge return fees so we can drive new cars, get a bonus or some golden parachute, we charge return fees so we can stay in business. The only retirement working here is Social Security. We work here because we love this job and we love to surf. We want to share our knowledge and help you get the most out of anything you buy from us. We know more about wetsuits and surfboards than almost any other place that sells online or in shops for that matter. And if you've emailed or called for help getting the right suit, you know we'll sometimes tell you that $300 wetsuit isn't worth it for your needs and try to talk you into a less expensive suit. 

Bottom line, we hate the restocking fee. And if Amex, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, USPS, UPS, and Uline didn't charge us 2 times for each order that is returned, we wouldn't have a restock fee. 

Wetsuit Returns: It usually cost $14-23 to ship a wetsuit to you. It will cost between $18 and $26 to send the wetsuit back via USPS. Only unused wetsuits, which haven't been worn in the water can be returned

Clothing Returns: Shipping cost is usually less than $5 - but can be higher. Soiled, washed, worn or items missing tags will not be accepted. If you take off the tags, then include them in the return DO NOT REATTACH THE TAGS if you removed them.

How long do I have to return an item: Up to 14 days with only shipping cost restock fee and up to 30 days with shipping cost plus a 10% restock fee $5 minimum. The additional charge for returns after 14 days is to cover additional credit charges for dual processing transactions and to encourage people to return quickly! 

How long will it take to get my refund?: Usually the day the items comes back to us, we process the refund right away. Within 48 hours, during a business week, you should see the pending refund on your credit card account. This process may take longer, it is dependent on your particular bank. As soo as we process the refund, the money is removed from our account to your bank. How long it takes your bank to get that money back into your account varies from 2 hours to 2 weeks. Refunds appear as PARROT SURF SHOP or HBCSurf

Can I return a wetsuit to HBCSurf: Yes, but only if it has NOT been worn in the water. There's no exception to this rule ever. Wetsuits are intimate apparel and once worn in water are non returnable. Wetsuits which have been worn and returned to HBCSurf will be returned to the sender postage due. The wetsuit also has to be in new condition and resalable. Take particular care in packaging returned wetsuits. They need to be folded in a specific way as to not damage the wetsuit during shipment. Call us or email us if you have questions about how to package a wetsuit.

What items can I return to HBCSurf: Almost anything. If we sell it, we will take a return for it. There are limitations and exceptions. We will not take back any item that is damaged, soiled, worn or altered in any way. If you wash it, you own it. If you wear it out, it's yours. Sunglasses and Surfboards are nonreturnable

What about items damaged in transit: Inspect your package before signing. Once you sign, you've basically signed away your right to shipping damage claims. A claim will be filed for damages and you'll get a full refund. It can take as little as a day or as long as a month. Not signing for a damaged package speeds up getting your refund!

What about returning an over-sized item: We will process the refund, but return shipping fees can be VERY expensive. Shipping fees to return a surfboard range from $120 to $300 or maybe even more. This is why we do not mind measuring and remeasuring boards, sending detailed pictures and helping as much as we can. Of course, if we somehow sent you the wrong board, we will pay all the return shipping costs.

What about after 30 Days: We will take these on a case by case basis for some items. The following items will be refused return after 30 days: wetsuits, sunglasses, watches, footwear and surfboards. Any item returned after 30 days will be charged a 20% restock fee and the cost of shipping.

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